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Denarau Island South, , Nadi

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    About this event

    Join Jeyzel Rossi's classes to help you relax deeper and find balance in your energy.

    Types of Classes

    • Vinyasa yoga/ Yoga flow: A class of moving the body alongside the breath. Experience the
      physiological enjoyment of yoga, through a series of standing and seated yoga postures.
    • Pranayama: Breathing exercises. The breath is powerful and experiencing guided breathwork is
      ideal for balancing energy. Give your body and mind the gift of guided breathing experiences.
    • Restorative yoga (usually necessitates extra towels to serve as bolsters.): Supported postures
      guided by your teacher, then held for a few minutes. Wonderful at relaxing the body, calming the nervous
    Details for daily classes:
    Monday 5pm - Sheraton Sunken Lounge
    Tuesday 6.30am - Sheraton Wedding Chapel Deck
    Wednesday 5pm - Sheraton Sunken Lounge
    Thursday 6.30am - Sheraton Wedding Chapel Deck
    Friday 5pm - Sheraton Sunken Lounge
    Saturday 6.30am - Sheraton Wedding Chapel Deck