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1112 4th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98101

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    About this event

    Immerse yourself in an enchanted night walk amongst the stars. Located at the Seattle Chinese Garden, Astra Lumina illuminates the garden with lighting, projection, and sound. Astra Lumina combines two incredibly refreshing activities: gazing at the stars and leisurely strolling through a carefully maintained botanical garden. However, Astra Lumina goes beyond by bringing the wonders of the cosmos to the earthly realm, seamlessly blending them with the natural surroundings. Engage in a captivating narrative that revolves around the genesis, existence, demise, and resurgence of stars.

    Get ready to merge the enchantment of stargazing, illuminated lights, and a tranquil evening stroll through a stunning botanical garden for a truly magical experience at Astra Lumina!